BathWraps Seeks New Partner as it Prepares to Bring One-Day Bathroom Transformations to South Florida

Jacuzzi-Owned Bathroom Remodeling Company Plans Strategic Growth Across Florida

As more Americans are choosing to stay and invest in their homes rather than buying a new house, the demand for quick and easy home remodeling services also continues to expand. As reported by the New York Times, the median length of time people stay in the same home has more than doubled over the past decade. This unique shift has created a greater market for remodeling services, particularly in markets like Florida where there is also a larger aging population. In fact, BathWraps, the leader in one-day bathroom renovations, is already seeing a consistent number of customer inquiries in the area without a partner there to provide them with its products and services. That’s why, after its recent acquisition by Jacuzzi, Inc., BathWraps is now seeking a partner to help fuel its growth in Florida.

Originally founded as Liners Direct in 1997, the veteran bathroom company has mastered the one-day transformation process. Now known as BathWraps, the brand is focused on expanding into Florida, with Miami, Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale being top targets in the newest expansion plan.

“All of Florida is great for us, but we are seeing particular interest in South Florida,” said Eric Bohner, vice president of sales at BathWraps. “We’ve already been receiving a lot of leads from potential customers in the area asking for our product, so we’re now in the process of finding the perfect match who can add BathWraps as well as Jaccuzi® Walk-in tubs to their portfolio.”

BathWraps’ one-day transformations offer a hassle-free installation and a simple streamlined design, all without sacrificing quality and affordability. BathWraps has found success partnering with dealers in other segments of the home remodeling industry such as window, sunroom and roofing companies. Through the partnerships, BathWraps trains dealers on every step of the process and provides lead generation support for gaining new customers. Dealers can receive up to 65 percent of the gross profit of each sale and can now expand their offerings to include high-end Jaccuzi® Walk-in tubs as well.

“Florida is also great for us because of the prevalence of the 50 and older demographic who want to make their baths safer while also upgrading to a more modern look,” said Bohner. “We’re looking for one local partner who can help us meet that demand and bring our bathroom transformations and Jaccuzi® Walk-in tubs to a greater number of Florida residents.”

There are no franchise fees or additional costs to joining the BathWraps brand, but the partnership comes with the same benefits and support of a franchise, from extensive training to a strong network of top dealers across the country. The strategic Jacuzzi partnership stands out to prospective dealers and home improvement-centric business owners who are looking for new ways to diversify their portfolios and tap into an additional revenue stream.

“We take great pride in offering consumers an innovative bathroom remodeling option that circumvents the typical reconstruction period that can take several weeks and grow exponentially in cost,” said Bohner. “Now that we’ve partnered with Jacuzzi, we hope to expand the reach of our services by working hand-in-hand with dealers throughout the state of Florida.”

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